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“ Why live with pain & stress when there may be an alternative ”


Did you know?

  • Linda Gagnon is the owner of Healing Hands Therapy, Inc. And that she is also the author of the hit book RITA, RITA.
  • Linda Gagnon’s pen name is L.L. Dahl - Jensen
  • Linda is also highly involved with training new parents the art of infant massage therapy.
  • Linda is a representative of EXFUZE Products.
  • Healing Hands is a name Linda was quoted for while helping heal a friend with a massage.

Terms & Techniques

CRT =     Stands for Cranial Release Technique = Restores function to the nervous system and proper balance to body structure.
Therapeutic Massage =      Traditional relaxation or deep tissue massage ranges from 30 to 60 minute sessions.
Hot Stone / Bamboo Massage =   A massage using heated stones or bamboo which act to calm muscles during massage.
Infrared Light Therapy =   Practice used to promote quicker healing by increasing circulation and reduces inflammation to injured areas of the body.
Facials / Skin Care =    A practice involving a variety of skin treatments such as: steam, exfoliation, massage, etc.